The purpose of this book is to provide practitioners, advanced graduate students and supervisors a model of sandtray processing from a humanistic perspective. The DVD that accompanies this book demonstrates a way to process a sandtray therapy session with a real adult client. The session on the DVD is an actual sandtray therapy session that is unedited. The primary focus of this book is on one way to do sandtray therapy with adults and adolescents and on the DVD I demonstrate how I do it.

If you are a practitioner/clinician or a graduate student in counseling or a related field who is curious about sandtray, this book will help you provide quality interventions with clients and may stimulate interest in further training. If you are a supervisor who wants to use sandtray with supervisees, I have included a chapter that covers the use of sandtray in supervision. If you are a play therapist who wants to know about sandtray, I believe this book will interest you as well.


If you are interested in learning more about sandtray, we have created a 6-part sandtray training video series found below: