Have you ever had a client who won’t stop talking long enough for you to respond? If not, you probably do not work with many adults because many adult clients–and some younger clients–talk for extended periods and do not expect the therapist to enter in to the exchange. In fact, some of the adult clients I have seen talk so continuously that I can’t even see when they take a breath! 

One challenge for therapists with these types of clients is knowing what to respond to when the client may have brought up several issues during one lengthy segment. In this next video, I discuss this challenge. In this film segment, Debbie talks for about 3 minutes. Many clients talk much longer than that but in 3 minutes she covers many topics. When you watch this clip I’ll explain some strategies I use to help me sift through all of the content that clients give you. 

You may notice as you listen to Debbie that she talk about the fairy miniature and why she chose it, the magic wand, her feeling of needing to help people, the broken wing, carrying a weight and other topics. As I see all of these issues written now, I’m aware that a therapist could spend most of a session on any of them. That’s why it is so hard to respond to long client segments. 

I hope this video is helpful. The next time you hear from me, we’ll be focusing on going deeper with clients. 

Talk to you soon. 


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